Selected writing (2002-05)

Faith is a belief without reason. That is where my art starts...
Selected writing (2002-05)
Faith is a belief without reason. That is where my art starts.
There is no art if there is no human.
Between objects, there is a room, where things always happen. And I always stay in the “room”, and do painting. My practice is not based on medium, media or meanings. I understand it as extension of my body and mind. It departed from my body. It becomes a living agent. I create them, and they create something. What important is the relationship between things, but not the thing itself.
When I am walking in a city, I find objects formed a connection with the others. I call this invisible network “scape”, where the existence and humanity being held.
I paint from both the experience of a city and its photos. I experience it and I forget it. Then I start to paint about it.
Spirituality is beyond the materiality. However, it cannot be found without the object, the material. And the material cannot escape from their physicality.
…Interesting in playing around images and materials, I express my concern of human as well as bringing harmony through my works. The value of Human Being is always my main subject. I am looking for the answer through making works, instead of religious or philosophy or something else. Well…there is nothing wrong with religious before it comes to human’s interpretation, but can any religious/spiritual believe comes without any human interpretation? So, down to the earth, I put my faith in making works, or you call it artworks.
宗教回答人從那裡來,往那裡去的問題 但人的價值,最終要由人身體力行去回答 我選擇創作
We can’t see clearly if we stand too close.