9 Jan - 7 Mar, 2016 | Solo | Toys Stop, K11 Chi Art Space, Hong Kong

9 Jan - 7 Mar 2016 | Solo | Toys StopK11 Chi Art Space, Hong Kong《玩具亭》,K11 Chi 藝術空間,香港


Toys Stop is a concept inspired by art x toy shop, a collaborative project by K11 and Lam Tung Pang and artists invited by Lam, to create a space for public to play and relax by transforming chi K11 art space back to its original state as a shop.

In Toys Stop, the 4 zones (Toys and Theatre, Construction as Play, Soft Sculpture Park and Reading Area) serve as different functions aiming to stimulate children’s creative thinking and to encourage family education and communication. Children are encourage to explore, question and interact instead of shopping in the space. It acts as a ‘Stop’ for family to spend time together, express their creative thinking and play with other visitors through various commission materials placing at the venue.