5 Oct, 2018 - 6 Jan, 2019 | Group Show | Sparkle! Journal of a City Foot Soldier


Sparkle! Journal of a City Foot Soldier

Francis Alÿs、Gordon Matta-Clark、林東鵬、柳凱瑩、Melissa Cate Christ及Susanne Trumpf、Fabian Gutscher及吳佳儒

Project Curator:Sara Wong
Artists:Francis Alÿs, Gordon Matta-Clark, Lam Tung Pang, Kate Lau, Melissa Cate Christ & Susanne Trumpf, Fabian Gutscher & Wu Jiaru


Inspired by City of Glass written by Paul Auster, Sara Wong selected artistic and landscape or urban study projects to build a narrative from the perspective of a city walker. Through works of art, literature and researches, visitors are invited to explore freely in the diverse approaches and perspectives of city and urbanism thinking, subsequently into a wider dimension of reflections about city and city living as a modern urban dweller.

展期至 Exhibition until 6.1.2019
開放時間:上午 10 時至晚上 8 時 (逢星期一上午 10 時至下午 2 時休息;公眾假期除外)
油街實現  香港北角油街 12號 (港鐵炮台山站 A 出口)
Opening Hours: 10am — 8pm (Closed on Mondays from 10am — 2pm, except public holidays)
Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong (Exit A, MTR Fortress Hill Station)


Diary of The Curiosity Box (Hong Kong) – The Hometown Tourist pp1-10
Lam “write” the diary of his journey as a hometown-tourist in the form of imagined architectures in different scales. The “writing” process served as the second visit to the journey for the artist. Therefore, the diary is not solely the documentary/representation of the hotel space held The Curiosity Box (Hong Kong) – The Hometown Tourist, rather the artist creates images and objects on top of that journey, giving another dimensions of visiting experience both for the artist himself and audience.
《好奇匣 · 香港》之作客家鄉日記,第一至十頁
林氏以不同比例、想像式的建築作為書寫《好奇匣 · 香港》之作客家鄉的媒介,並通過書寫再次到訪當時的旅程。是次展示的並不僅僅是當時旅程的記錄或酒店內的空間,而是在當中再加上新的影像及物件,令這想像式的建築群成為新的空間經驗。

展覽及特備節目詳情 Exhibition and Special Programme Details
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