17May-30Jun, 2013 | Group Show | I Think It Rains | Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong

17May-30Jun, 2013 | Group Show |I Think It Rains,Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

May 16: Soft opening of the exhibition I Think It Rains (May 17 - June 30)

May 23: Launch of Torrent Magazine n° 1
May 24: Performance Day
October 17: Opening of the second exhibition (October 18 - December 15)


Lam Tung-pang | Disappeared Hong Kong Art (90s) - (1) Prof. Kurt Chan

Burger Collection is pleased to announce the launch of a three-year exhibition and research project developed and realized with 1a space, an independent artist-run organization in Hong Kong.   The project will open in May 2013 with the multi-disciplinary exhibition I Think It Rains at the heritage site of the Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong. This first phase of the project unfolds from May until December 2013. Its major components will consist in artist residencies, panels and workshops, as well as the production of ephemera and a catalog documenting the yearlong productions. I Think It Rains brings together artists, writers, and critics invited by Burger Collection and 1a space in a tentative of creating a cross-disciplinary collaborative model. I Think It Rains will emphasize the multi-faceted practices of the participating artists and writers ranging from mixed-media work to installations, pseudo-writing, or radio-programs, and the like.

Artists and writers: Bani Abidi (b. 1971, Pakistan), Fiona Banner (b. 1966, United Kingdom), Pierre Bismuth (b. 1963, France), Muhanned Cader (b. 1966, Sri Lanka), Filipa César (b. 1975, Portugal), Alejandro Cesarco (b. 1975, Uruguay), Enoch Cheung (b. 1970, Hong Kong), Pak Sheung Chuen (b. 1977, China), Choi Yan-chi (b. 1949, Hong Kong), Ng Ka Chun (b. 1985, Hong Kong), Chow Yiu Fai (b. 1961, Hong Kong), Ryan Gander (b. 1976, United Kingdom), Florian Germann (b. 1978, Switzerland), Gao Weigang (b. 1976, China), Jon Kessler (b. 1957, United States), Kingsley Ng (b. 1980, Hong Kong), Lam Tung Pang (b. 1978 Hong Kong), Lau Ching Ping (b.1963, Hong Kong), Vittorio Santoro, (b. 1962, Switzerland), Fiete Stolte (b. 1979, Germany), Annie Lai-kuen Wan (b. 1961, Hong Kong), and Cally Yu (b. 1968, Hong Kong).
Core team members of Burger Collection and 1a space: Choi Yan-chi (artist),

Enoch Cheung (artist), Linda Jensen (curatorial assistant), Daniel Kurjaković (curator), and Cally Yu (writer).