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A day of two Suns (2019)
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A day of two Suns (2019)《一日兩天(2019) 2019 Video projection on paper, objects 現成物、錄像投影紙本 Installation size variable 裝置尺寸不定, video 錄像: 1'50"/1'50"/2'09"/2'19"
Collected by Asian Art Museum

Interview by Asian Art Museum//

A day of two Suns (2019) is an ensemble of plywood mountain sculptures and found objects staged around a large paper screen, upon which videos are projected on either side. These ever-shifting compositions of faded, seemingly still videos, which depict panoramic sights in Hong Kong, reflect Lam Tung Pang’s memories of his home. The assorted objects cast shadows that obscure these memories onscreen, evoking our scattered recollection of the disappearing past. The screen and geographical motifs reference classical Chinese landscape painting, in which Lam was trained. For more info: