Video installation: projection on window and wall, digital prints on wall, sound and marker on window
Size variable
錄像裝置: 牆上及玻璃窗上錄像投影、數碼打印、聲音

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#DearHongKong #Image-coated #張淺潛


我在一個廉價的旅館裡享受著春天  看見一個孩子純潔的笑臉 
也許我要尋找的是沒有烏雲的藍天   試圖體驗那詩一樣的夢幻 
我像著張紙皮在陰影下打轉 究竟是什麼讓我無力還原  我背著重重的盔甲在尋找丟失的誓言  不明確的明天讓我感到不安 
哪裡有不孤單的溫暖  讓我在頃刻之間里循環  我嚮往夢中的吶喊  讓我在未知中儲存愛戀 
我在一個廉價的旅館裡享受著春天  看見一個孩子純潔的笑臉 
也許我要尋找的是沒烏雲的藍天   試圖體驗那詩一樣的夢幻 
哪裡有不孤單的溫暖 讓我在頃刻之間裡循環 我嚮往夢中的吶喊 讓我在(痛楚的)巢穴里暈眩

Documentary of Lam Tung Pang's installation, Image-coated - raining version, on 28 May 2020. The Hong Kong Museum of Art
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Twelve works of art that
chart the emotional
upheavals of the Hong Kong
protests By Vivienne Chow • December 23, 2019

“How will this end?” is probably among the most often asked question about Hong Kong protests. No one knows the answer right now, but Lam Tung Pang’s latest video installation, Image-coated, featured at the recently re- opened Hong Kong Museum of Art, reminds us that there is no future without dealing with our past. First, there’s an image of Lu Ting (or sometimes spelt as Lou Ting), a half- fish, half-human mythical creature said to represent the identity of Hong Kong, overlooking Victoria Harbour from over a century ago; opposite this is an image of a man holding a telescope and looking into the distance.

Installed next to a view of Victoria Harbour, the work demands the audience reflect on Hong Kong’s roots and connect them with the present while looking to the future.

香港藝術館團隊 | project manager Jeff Leung | projector installation: Mick 小強 | Abby Chen 多年前介紹這歌手