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Lam Tung Pang is one of the most prominent artists of his generation whose coming-of-age coincides with drastic social changes, a result of his homeland’s decolonisation from constitutional monarchy and new allegiance to China in a short span of time. Traversing between the media of painting, site-specific installation, sound and video, Lam’s playful practice arises from a curious imagination that recombines traditional iconography and vernacular materials, innovating with a myriad of found objects and images to form new practices that are often experimental in nature. Lam’s works engage the themes of collective memories and fleeting nostalgia, which articulate an ongoing negotiation of the overlapping city-state’s reality. In his allegorical landscapes, journeys and sceneries become essential passages connecting time and distance, longing and loss.

Solo exhibitions of Lam’s include “Hi! House – Lam Tung-pang x Old House at Wong Uk Village” (Wong Uk Village, Hong Kong, 2017); “The Curiosity Box” (Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco, USA, 2013). Group exhibitions in which Lam has participated include “Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture” (Shenzhen, China, 2017); “CHINA 8” (NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2015); “No soul for Sale – A Festival of Independents” (Tate Modern, London, UK, 2010). Lam is the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship (2012). Lam’s work is collected by the Burger Collection, the Deutsche Bank Collection, Hong Kong Museum of Art (Hong Kong), Kadist Art Foundation (France and USA) and M+ (Hong Kong), among others. Lam currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

林東鵬是香港當代藝術圈最具代表性的藝術家之一。這一代的藝術家經歷了從君主立憲殖民統治,到回歸祖國 的急劇變遷。林的創作遊走於繪畫、裝置、聲音和影像之間,以具玩味和充滿好奇心的想像力,重新組合傳統 圖像和本土素材,融合拾得物和現成影像衍生實驗性的創作。他的作品大多以集體回憶和稍瞬的愐懷為主題, 審問我城交錯覆疊的現實。在他寓言式的風景中,山水和旅程是時間、距離、願境和失去的連結。
林東鵬的個展包括香港王屋村古屋的邂逅!老房子林東鵬 x 王屋村古屋”(2017)及美國三藩市舊金山中華文 化中心的好奇匣”(2013)。他曾參與的聯展包括深港城市\建築雙城雙年展(2017)、德國杜塞爾多夫 NRW Forum “CHINA 8”(2015)和英國倫敦泰特美術館的不出賣靈魂獨立藝術節”(2010)。林於 2012 年獲頒 亞洲文化協會藝術助長金。林現於香港生活和居住。